The ReChoice Private Limited has invented and introduced various types of crop based Balanced Fertilizer, by using the balanced fertilizer farmers are growing crops in their field and getting more benefits as well as maintaining soil health since 2012.

The ReChoice Private Limited is an agro based industry engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Organic Fertilizer, Crop-based Balanced Fertilizer and NPKS Fertilizer. Besides marketing of Balanced Fertilizer, organic fertilizer this company also engaged in various business field like importing raw materials from the Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA , China , India , and other EU Countries. The ReChoice Agro Firm in Noakhali, a district of Bangladesh which is 450 km from the capital and carrying business since 2012 and is registered under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Farms.

ProsecuteMohammed Fazle Rabbi

DateIn 2016

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