Shareholder And Investor :

Rechoice Private Limited, In 2012 the company registered itself with the Register of Joint Stock Companies as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1994, Certificate of Incorporation No. C-105445/12

The registered office of the company is located at 60 Dilkusha C/A, 7TH floor, Unit # 805, Dhaka-1000. The main activity of the company is to purchase land to develop the same for residential / urban housing. The company also purchases land for construction of multi-storied apartment buildings, shopping malls and office space; the company constructs multi-storied buildings on sharing basis by virtue of agreement with the owners of land.

Rechoice Private Limited has permission from the Government / concerned authority / competent authority for following business

1. To carry on the business of real estate. housing, apartment and consultancy to do carry on the business of buyer ,seller of flats ,apartment, building rooms, huts, land, float, market, provolone, store, community center hotel, five star hotel, super market, shopping center, shopping complex ,resorts, home and abroad. To purchase, acquire, take on lease on in exchange or any lawful manner any area, land buildings, structures development and to turn the same into account, develop the same and dispose of or maintain the same to built townships, gardens, towns, markets housing estates ,residential houses, bungalows, or others building.

2. To carry the business of general trading, export and import of all commercially permissible items and action as dealer, indenter, general supplier buying and selling agent. Building constriction material, cement, steel, iron, fuel coke, wood coal, timber, well paper, window shades draperies, curtains, fabrics, pictures, plastic, fames, wares, molding, art goods, furnishing paints colors, varnishes oils marvels, tiles, glasses, light, led light, electrical cable, switches, doors, fabrics doors, glasses door, wood doors electrical lift and lift use materials exporter, importer, indenting, marketing agent, commission agent, manufactures, selling agent, buying agent merchant, dealer. Wholesaler, stocker, merchandise connected with business of the company.

3. To carry on the business, establish modern agro product, poultry and fish hatcheries, poultry farming, dairy farming, fish farming, agricultural farming, pisicultures, mushroom, feed mills for production of polluted and mesh feed for cattle & goat and the business of horticulture and marketing the produces thereof. Beef fattening, Spice Manufacturing Complex and Marketing and all sorts of agro based business such as Agro Industries, Food processing, Cattle Firm, Poultry Firm, Fisheries, Fruit garden, Fruit processing, Manufacturing, Agricultural Firming, poultry firm and trading of agricultural items, elsewhere solely or joint venture basis with the foreign companies or persons or with local companies or persons for export in any part of the world and also for the consumption in this country.

4. To set up industries for fall kind manufacturing preparing and marketing of all kind of including importing all kind of food production and processing machinery, spare parts, raw materials, chemicals and all other materials for purpose of the business of the company warder food industry with all modern technical know-how and facilities in any part of Bangladesh .poultry, fisheries hatcheries dairy related food industries and Parma cuticle laboratories and to purchase or import, machineries required for the purpose of manufacturing of medicine. Preservation of fish prawn and shrimp of all kind and description. To establish and maintain shrimp, prawn, fish culture fish processing plant, cold storage, ice plants, freezing plant, refrigerating and freezes for the preservation and processing of shrimps and other fishes of bosh fresh water and sea water and Eggs, meet, mushroom, spiraling, vegetables fruits and all other produces of sea and soil.

5. To set up fruit juice factory for manufacturing preparing and making of the pine apple juice, mango juice, lemon juice, orange juice, jack fruit juice and other allied items and manufacturing and marketing of the artificial juice, carry on the business as manufactures, buyers, sellers, importer, exporters and stockiest of all kind of flower, soya bean, wheat, Atta, Rice, vegetable sugar, salt, Agricultural products and others allied products. Wheat Atta, flower, suji and wheat bean both in local market and International market by exporting and or Importing, maintain and manage automatic flower mills and Rice mills, major and compact, for manufacturing of flower, Atta, suji and rice powder. To set up the business bra rice and bus kits, bread, sweet, sweet meat and all kind of sweet meat items products and set up the shop any city of over in Bangladesh. To set up the business all dairy fresh milk packing, marketing, local market all over in Bangladesh. Establish and set up Industries for manufacturing natural mineral water, vitamin water and all kind of water packing, marketing all over in Bangladesh.

6. To carry the business Manufacturers, acquire deal and kind of article and product and materials use for building allied objects, retail chain departmental store, mega shop and Industries producing and selling all kind of leather goods, Garments food items, fashion jewelry, shoes, house hold commodities including all types of cosmetics goods, consumer, Beverage stationery items, Install and establish Garment accessories industry like computerized printed labels and Barcodes factory, knitting, packing, sweater industry, Garments products Trousers, Shirts, children wear, female wear, standard sizes and quality cotton, Teton, nylon, silk, Jens, synthetic fabrics, wool also to buy, sell, Import, export or all those kind of paper items and all those kind house hold utilize materials and stationeries items.

7. To carry on the business of recruiting agent and consultant of manpower and to procure latter of demand, power of attorney and other related documents for skilled, unskilled and professional work force from various private, government and other sectors of different countries of the world and recruit the same by using the advertisement media conducting interview, conducting training programmed, obtaining government permission, visa and completing the necessary formalities to send the workers/ personnel towards the foreign employees in compliance with the teams of contract executed therefore send out to foreign countries employees, members, Directors of the company or otherwise. This company can do any lawful business for making profit.

8. To attain the business objectives company may enter into partnership, joint-venture, take over or amalgamate with any other company and also to take loans from Bank/other Financial institution in such a manner as may company thinks fit.

9. To mortgage the property and assets of the company as securities for loans and/or any credit facilities to be given to any associate company or companies or third party and also to give guarantee securing liabilities of such associate company or companies and/or third party.