Company background :

RECHOICE PRIVATE LIMITED (the “company”) was incorporated in 2012 as a Private Limited Company under the Companies Act.(XVIII) 1994 from Bangladesh joint stock companies and firm.

RECHOICE PRIVATE LIMITED has placed a lucrative position in greater Noakhali, dhaka as well as in whole Bangladesh. Within a very short period this company has already been enlisted by the government of Bangladesh. By the team-work of a number of faithful, custodian, most promising, laborious, honest & sincere heroes company has started its own journey ahead since 2012 to establish an independent territory by private initiatives beside governments. We are lagged behind in technological & modern economical standards due to the lack of competence, proper planning, suitable decision & qualified directorates. So, to get rid of this situation we need to have our country free from the curse of unemployment by the utilization of huge manpower composed of Educated, lower educated illiterate persons. The fundamental demands are food, clothing, shelter, education, & medication. To fulfill the fundamental demands of mass people RECHOICE.

“Allah has permitted trade but forbidden usury ”- Al Quran (Sura bakara ; V-275).
Hence we wish the RECHOICE PRIVATE LIMITED to be fulfilled by the assist of Board of directors, Directors, Share holders, Investors, customers, owners (plots/flats) including all well-wishers through permitted (Halal) income. May Allah guide our way---


  • 1.To construct well planned .environment friendly. Clean & Pollution free, excellent living
  • 2.To introduce significant level of talent, knowledge, technology & decency in constructing apartments, plots, markets & Towers.
  • 3.To play major role in constructing parks, picnic spots, decent entertaining tourism centre etc.
  • 4.To take an initiative in converting unexpected population to usable manpower.
  • 5.To play significant role in utilizing the all resources of Bangladesh & to encourage Government & others in this sector.
  • 6.To try hard in finding an income source for retired persons as well as for those who returned home from abroad
  • 7.Furthermore to take an initiative to fulfill the fundamental demands like food, education & medication.
  • 8.To carry on the business of real estate, housing, apartment, poltry firm, diary firm, fisharies, agro firm and many more.