Inspiring the next for independent Bangladesh. We expect to clarify the persecution of non-balance life, dreams of economic prosperity, Released from the curse of poverty and unemployment, food, clothing, shelter, education, medical services according to fundamental demands. But the production and demand imbalance unequal income in the absence of economic justice. As a result needy people are dying of poverty and unemployment. The potential of the property and the mineral-rich country Bangladesh, leaving many of us would travel abroad to their better future. Happiness and joy Entertainment and relatives abroad refinancing has deeply touched many limitations, uncertainty of finding dismissal, migrant workers return to home with unemployment condition. In this situation they joining with several unsocial activities.

To prevent those hopeless people for all unsocial activities and arranging minimum requirement RECHOICE PRIVATE LIMITED starting activities and target to its slogan “inspiring the next” for the people of Bangladesh by providing them “not only luxurious and flamboyant – but elegant, commodious and comfortable” lands, apartments, food, clothing, shelter, education, medical services and etc. Rechoice Private Limited formed in 2012 to serve the nation.

Goals and Objectives:

Honesty, sincerity, devotion and the mutual self-help, poverty and unemployment are free to Bangladesh to build a prosperous economy, create employment opportunities and reducing unemployment, poverty and Through the establishment of universal human rights and social development.
Life savings to build a "Rechoice":
Family relations and the motherland have risked running foreign currency abroad through the ranks to become self-sufficient by itself to support the country's growth. But the legacy work hard The proper use of money and planned investments in the absence of greater or reaching undoubtedly wandered far not being able to bring any good. But this is only a temporary family smiling, smile designed to maintain a permanent investment that we still do not think it's necessary. As a result, the temporary lack of laughter at any moment can take away the shadow. So respected to ensure safe legal and profitable to invest their hard earned money expatriates transparency, loyalty and deposit lately in the "Rechoice Pvt Ltd." committed.

Our Mission

To build and develop environment friendly Apartments, Commercial Buildings& Land Projects using the highest standards of Safety, Architecture, Engineering& Green technology.


Rechoice believes its customers must be benefited, i.e. the company is committed to be developed as a Customer Focused Organization. So, surveying the interest of valued customers is its utmost priority, the company has developed an extremely qualified support staffs to meet the expectations and ensure the customers’ satisfaction. All directors, employees work as a team in every sense of the word. Moreover, our directors, share holders, employees, customers, investors always work as a “one family team” to make our vision true and successful.